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About Sherwood Holdings

Based in The Dubai International Financial Center, UAE; Sherwood International Holdings Ltd. operates strategically positioned subsidiaries and associate companies that supply, export and provide services for a diversified range of products and commodities from sectors in agriculture products, minerals, metals, computer & electronic parts, automotive products, commodities and energy services.

Sherwood has had a steady growth of business with USD 20 Million turnover. With a focus of USD 40-50 Million in the next fiscal year. Their outstanding success has been the result of strategic diversification of product portfolio with primary product focus on long term sustained supply and procurement.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to be a true next-generation solution provider, built specifically from the ground up for high volume, and complex transaction management.

Our Vision

Add value by deploying the right investment strategies that support our subsidiaries in becoming a part of the supply chain management of its customers around the world.

What we stand for

Our Values
Professional Management

Sherwood prides its seasoned approach to management with professional qualifications and administrative skills.

Strategic Diversification

Our outstanding success results from strategic diversification of product portfolio and sustained supply and procurement.

Client-Centric Ideals

We encourage our workforce to conduct on ethical grounds with client centric ideals to acheive seamless solutions.

Customized Solutions

Comprised of a family-specific products we manage every aspect of supply, trading, marketing and logistics.

Global Presence

With a highly connected network in the region, we are an important link in Global Supply Chain, adding value for both supplier and purchaser.

Experience Remembered

Our advanced trading, risk management and logistical systems address all the functions critical to support you.

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”
-Benjamin Franklin

Our Group Companies

People we work with

Sherwood Trading

Supplier, Exporter and Service Provider

A company based in Dubai, UAE, it is a supplier, exporter and service provider of a diversified range of products and commodities.

Metrowise Holdings Limited

Supplier, Exporter and Service Provider

Based in Hong Kong, a true next-generation solution provider, in global logistical marketing, distribution of energy and agriculture commodities.

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